Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wedding Weekend!

This past weekend I had the honor and joy of being in and attending my big brothers wedding! It was a whirlwind trip but a beautiful wedding and a beautiful bride! Here are some pictures. (Obviously I was not carrying around a camera. My WoNdErFuL husband was multi-tasking. He had the girls pretty much the whole weekend and still managed to take pictures. A true pro, eh?)

Not a fan of traveling!

Chipotle lover!



Reception setting

Ceremony Setting


Grooms Cake

Papa and Sienna

Lovely Flower girls


Grandma and her girls!

It was cold!

Place setting

Being goofy

Playtime at the airport

watcha doing sissy?


Grand-papa and the girls!

Keeping entertained :)

Congratulations to my brother and his bride...may your future be as beautiful as the day it began!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bitty's Birthday/Monthday

Bitty #2 is ONE year old!  My....wait for it, I can't believe it!
We had her check up on Monday.
She is 21.5lbs
She is 29 1/2 inches
And she has a big head. I'm  not sure the measurements, but it was the 80th percentile while the others were 50th and 60th
She is speed crawling everywhere, pulling herself up on furniture, and just starting to move around things a little. Such a nice change from fast paced Bitty #1. She will stand on her own for a split second or two if you let go, before sitting and resorting to a crawl.
She is eating 90% tablefood. She loves pretty much anything you put on her tray! And, as of just the other night, she is done with BF. We had it down to 1-2 times mostly at night only, and then she decided she was done. So now she is drinking milk, water, and juice out of a sippy.
She is still my little sleeper. She sleeps 9-11 hours at night and 2-4 hours during the day. Sometimes only 1 nap, and sometimes still 2 naps a day.
She has a total of 5 teeth with at least 2 more close behind. No molars yet, I checked!
She is loving all of her birthday gifts, and so is Bitty #1. Who knew one year old toys were so entertaining?
So here are some pics of the party and guests!

It was an Owl.Bird.Spring.Gardening themed party? I guess it didn't have a specific theme. Maybe Spring themed would be the most appropriate!

Goody Planters

Master Grillers


Decorating Eggs
Egg Hunt

Dirt Cups

Mmmm Enjoying her cake!

Thanks to everyone who came and helped celebrate the special occasion!